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Our makerspace thrives through collaboration and that extends beyond the walls of our space out to our community. At our core, our goal as an educational organization is to help you unlock your full potential through skill-building. Growing skills and abilities in a way that inspires creativity will help the community build better lives, whether through meaningful professional employment or through satisfying individual passions.

Makers Wanted

We’ve done a lot of work planning and building programs to elevate our brand! Thinkwell has been in development for some time now and we’re ready to take the next steps. Here’s what that means for us!

If you’re a maker, builder, artist, or creative, we want you! As a broader community makerspace, we’re at the “ground floor” stage. We’re currently in the process of establishing our 501(c)(3) non-profit status. We’re also in the final stages of negotiating the lease for our expanded new space, which we anticipate to be established before the new year! We also want the Decatur area to see what Thinkwell can be as an organization with the continued support of the community, so you’ll be updated and involved with every step of the process. If you’ve ever wanted to get involved with a growing community organization, now’s your chance! We want this makerspace to be for our community, by our community, so it’s important that we hear your voices!

Our Team

Meet our Board of Directors! These are the friendly faces behind the daily operations at Thinkwell. Each Board Member has been elected to their position, and is a driving force in bringing our mission to the public.


Executive Director

Jesse is a Artist and the creative mind that began conceptualizing Thinkwell in 2014. He started as a tattoo apprentice in 2008, and went on to open his own studio, Tried and True Tattoo, in 2013. Jesse is a Decatur native, and his passion for helping the people around him launched his endeavor toward opening Thinkwell as an organization for the community. When he’s not drawing, learning about history, or spending time with his two kids, he  explores creative technology through 3D printing and drones, and videography.



Jason “Sandy” is an Artist Designer who enjoys creating experiences through sculpture and education. After receiving his BFA in Sculpture, Sandy went on to earn his MFA in Sculpture and New Media. He has worked to create many interactive exhibits for the Decatur Children’s Museum, and continues creating exciting pieces that fuel imagination and creativity. In his free time, he enjoys building 1/64 scale models, exploring designs and concepts in the Star Wars universe, and tinkering with whatever materials he can get his hands on. 


Vice President

Courtni is a Research Specialist in the Department of Animal Sciences at U of I Urbana-Champaign. She earned her BS and MS in Animal Sciences, and has since worked with animals studying human diseases. After many conversations with Jesse Blunt during her tattoo sessions, Courtni decided to get involved. She considers herself the opposite of a creative person, but provides a science-minded approach to every project she tackles. Outside Thinkwell, Courtni loves weight-lifting and spending time with her niece and nephew. 



Rachel is a Data Analyst and Software Systems Developer with BLDD Architects. She dove headfirst into programming, and her love for a good ol’ fashioned spreadsheet blossomed. She describes herself as a “middle-brained geek”, bringing a mix of creativity and technical skills. Her ability to problem-solve from both her creative and logical sides make her stand out from other developers. When she’s not in front of a computer, she spends time with her daughters, plans theme parties, and makes art with her daughters.



Michelle has been a teacher with Decatur Public Schools for nearly 20 years. She spends the school years learning new hobbies and makes it a goal to learn a new skill every season. She brings those into the classroom to engage her students’ creativity and imaginations every chance has. During summer vacation, she enjoys travelling with her retired Navy husband, boating, and getting to spend time with her four grandchildren. Michelle is most excited to explore Thinkwell’s educational opportunities and make them accessible to the public.

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